Art Is, an up-and-coming shirt design and production company, assists consumers with the best service in the shirt industry. The company provides assistance in everything from creating the shirt design to large-scale production of the shirts. The professionals at Art Is make it their highest priority to ensure that every consumer’s product is done to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Art Is enables its clients to work with the artists to make the best shirts in the industry.

Talented artist Carlos Ramos founded Art Is in 2010. Ramos’ passion for art has been with him his entire life. With the creation of Art Is, Ramos has the opportunity to show his art form to a massive audience. Ramos specializes in the style of “urban design” but is open to any design of the consumer’s interest.

Ramos’ shirts have been featured in shows such as:
  • The 36th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation Hosted by Africa Bambaataa
  • Graff Art Exhibit Hosted by Lava 1 & 2
  • NYC Arts Cypher Breakdance Competition
  • And More

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